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What the hell??

2010-09-27 19:51:22 by pigu

aaghhh!!!! i've been scouted for the art section twice now and for some reason, i keep getting UNscouted. I'm not submitting anything that violates the rules, I only submit once in a while cause ng wants "finished works". it takes me a while to do them and i check and it still tells me i'm scouted but it wont submit my aat to the art portal..... im comfused >(


2009-06-21 19:32:24 by pigu

I just got scouted for the art section!!!!!.. so ill be submitting my art to newgrounds now :)

the art forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-06-20 17:06:59 by pigu

well I've been in newgrounds for a while but haven't submitted anything...why because I'm not an animator....but now they got an art section which i really hope to get in to...not sure how to submit art but ill be trying anyways..if anybody knows how plz tell me...thanks!!!